Women of Distinction

Congratulations to Donnie Gott, Lily Hope, Hazel LeCount, and Tari Stage-Harvey, our 2020 honorees!

Congratulations to our 2020 honorees! Thank you for all you do in our community!

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The objective of the Women of Distinction Event is to:

  • Celebrate women of distinction in our community;
  • Recognize women whose work (paid and/or volunteer) has benefited the lives of women and children in Juneau;
  • Honor unsung heroes of the community, as well as those with publicly recognized achievement;
  • Support and encourage community members and groups to recognize women of distinction within their organizations; and
  • Raise funds to support AWARE’s work with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.


  • Demonstrated Commitment: Candidate has demonstrated a commitment to improving the quality of life for women and children in Juneau.
  • Integrity, Dedication, Motivation: Candidate has demonstrated qualities of integrity, dedication, motivation and leadership in the community.
  • Willingness to Share Skills & Knowledge: Candidate has demonstrated the willingness to share her skills and knowledge.
  • Role Model: Candidate has demonstrated qualities of a role model.
  • Supports Diversity: Candidate’s work has represented and/or supported diverse groups within our community.

For additional information, call Mandi Canady at AWARE or email her at WOD@awareak.org.

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