Children & Youth

AWARE offers a number of intervention and violence prevention programs serving young people from birth to 18 years of age.

Children’s Groups

  • Elementary Life Skills – Life skills group for elementary aged kids that incorporates fun discussions, games, and activities centered around different topics including families & change, expressing feelings, safety planning, personal boundaries, problem solving, healthy choices, and self-esteem.
  • Adventure/Play Groups Play-based activities at various locations in the community that revolve around crafts or adventures that build social skills, self-regulation, and resiliency with peers. A chance to get out and play with other kids.
  • Parent Play – An active and engaging time for parents and their young children. Every Thursday morning from 10am-12pm, this group provides a structure for socializing and exploring together. Get parenting support, play time with your kids, connect with other parents, and have fun!
  • Teen Life Skills Group – For Middle and High School age students. This group covers similar topics as the elementary age life skills group, but with more age-appropriate discussions and activities. This group is held after school on Friday afternoons.

Support for Parents & Caregivers

  • Parenting with Love & Logic – Through love and logic parents can put an end to arguing, back talk, and begging, and teach responsibility without losing their love. Parents will learn ways to set limits without waging war. In the process, they avoid power struggles, guide kids to solve their own problems, and teach kids to complete chores without reminders or pay. Love allows children to grow through their mistakes. Logic allows them to live with the consequences of their choices.
  • Circles of Security – Circles of Security is an evidence-based intervention program for parents and children that focuses on relationships. The Circle of Security program is designed to offer parents/caregivers direction and clarity in understanding trauma and healing. Parents are the most essential part of helping children to overcome trauma and develop alternative pathways to healing.
  • Parent Play – An active and engaging time for parents and their young children. Every Thursday morning from 10am-12pm, this group provides a structure for socializing and exploring together. Get parenting support, play time with your kids, connect with other parents, and have fun!

AWARE classes are free of charge and occur quarterly. Childcare during the parenting classes is available – please register with the Children’s Program to make sure there is enough space. Call 586-6623 or email us at

Crisis Intervention & Advocacy

Children’s advocates are trained in childhood trauma, domestic violence, family resiliency, sexual assault, and trauma informed behavioral intervention. These services take many forms, from educational presentations on safe/unsafe touch or related topics to one-on-one children’s advocacy. Staff create a safe environment for children to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences during individual advocacy sessions. The sessions are a time for intentional and thoughtful conversations about healthy choices, healthy relationships, and positive coping skills.


AWARE provides counseling to child victims of sexual assault and/or domestic violence. Counseling is confidential and free of charge. Transportation assistance may be available if needed. For more information, please call 586-6623 and ask for the children’s counselor or email us at childrensprogram@awareak.or

Lead On! For Peace & Equality

Lead on! For Peace and Equality is a community leadership summit for youth leaders ages 13-18 and community partners across Alaska.

Participants come together to develop leadership skills for promoting peace, equality and respect that can be used in their home communities.

Lead On! youth inspire, plan and organize with other youth and adults to work on projects that promote non-violence and equality in their communities.


REBOUND is an outdoor leadership trip for youth in Southeast Alaska. It features a week-long kayaking and camping trip near Glacier Bay. The curriculum addresses respect, personal boundaries, healthy relationships, communication, advocacy, and social change. The trip is provided in partnership with Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL).

Juneau Teen Council

The mission of the Juneau Teen Council is to empower teenagers to educate their peers, families and communities about human sexuality and healthy decision making. The program inspires teens to use their voices to advocate for just and humane sexual attitudes and policies.

Juneau Teen Council members meet weekly to receive training on accurate, nonjudgmental and unbiased sexuality information, which they then present to their peers and other members of their communities.

Sources of Strength

Sources of Strength is a national evidence-based program that is being adapted locally to holistically prevent teen dating violence, substance use, bullying, and suicide among high school and middle school students.

Juneau’s Violence Prevention Coalition has partnered with Juneau’s Suicide Prevention Coalition to implement Sources of Strength in all three high schools and one middle school.

Sources of Strength Peer Leaders build meaningful relationships with trained Adult Advisors and other teens to promote respect, equality, and nonviolence. Through social norms campaigns, social networking and peer-to-peer influence leaders will positively impact school climate and peer connectedness.

For more information about any of the children’s programming at the AWARE Shelter, please call 586-6623 or email us at

For youth violence prevention programs such as Lead On! and REBOUND, please call 596-4902 or email