Donations Wish List

AWARE is currently only accepting the following items at this time. Please check back regularly for updates. 


-Adult size blankets/comforters

-Shampoo & conditioner: travel-sized & regular-size only

-Travel-sized toothpaste

-Deodorant: travel-sized & regular-sized


-Bath towels

-Twin-size fitted sheet

-Pillows (new)

-Bowls, drinking cups, coffee mugs

-Kirkland brand toilet paper (from Costco)

-Tri-fold paper towels (from Costco)

Thank you so much for your support!  We appreciate YOU!

This page was last update 11/04/2021.

For more inspiration please visit our AMAZON Wish List here.

Unfortunately, AWARE can NOT accept donations of clothing.

We have accounts at Alaskan Dames, Mommy-&-Me, and Tot2Teen where you can donate on our behalf. Please call before you go to find out what they are currently accepting.