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Domestic Violence is 100% Preventable

JCAP offers a 24-week intervention program that utilizes the Men Stopping Violence curriculum. In the course, you can expect to learn about violence against women, interact with other men, and do exercises that deepen the understanding of domestic violence.  You will be asked to examine beliefs, attitudes and actions around the issues of abuse, violence, gender, race, class, and traditional male/female roles.

All students are required to complete assigned readings, tasks and projects that address male violence against women.  Completion is based on your attendance and submission of all assignments. Information on the class’s requirements will be available to you at the information meeting.

Topics integrated into the curriculum include the following:

Power and Control: Challenging the underlying issues of power and control in domestic violence relationships.

Empathy and Compassion: Learning to understand the victim’s point of view.

Communication Skills: Developing effective communication patterns that facilitate equality in relationships.

Anger Relapse Prevention: Changing patterns of anger used to maintain control over another person and which lead to acts of violence.

Stress Management and Self-Esteem: Identifying and using skills to prevent relapse into violence.

The class is offered at Lemon Creek Correctional Center and in the Juneau community. JCAP collaborates with community agencies to create an individualized plan for participants. Flexible payment plans are available, as are community work service options. We accept court referrals, individuals referred by OCS or other agencies, and self-referrals.

The Juneau Choice & Accountability Program is committed to the following:

Eliminating violence against women and children.

Providing safety for victims

Teaching alternatives to violence

Holding offenders accountable for family violence.


To get started, contact JCAP staff and sign up for the next information meeting.


Phone: (907)957-1532

Fax: 907-586-2479