The Haa Tóoch Lichéesh Coalition addresses important social justice issues within our community and works to transform individual, institutional, and systemic inequities needed to eliminate oppression and gender-based violence.

Our Core Values include:

  1. Lifting each other up // dikeedé pooch gaxhtoolasháat
  2. Healing and reconciliation
  3. Courage // I gu.aa yaxh x’wán
  4. Intentionality
  5. Wholeheartedness
  6. Equity
  7. Honoring generations // Haa Shuká
  8. Decolonization // Nothing for us without us
  9. Respect // Idakát át a aaa ayaduwanéi
  10. Transformation

For more information, find us on Facebook or contact Ati Nasiah at AWARE or 907-586-4902.