Advocate Training

Becoming Part of the Solution

Training Topics Include:

Domestic Violence Response


Prevention & Equality

Sexual Assault Response

Juneau Choice and Accountability

Cultural Humility and Equality

Legal Advocacy

Boundaries and Wellness

Advocacy And Safety Planning

Advocacy Training

Learn about domestic violence and sexual assault. Support survivors and develop skills to strengthen our communities. Meet with others to end gender-based violence. All violence is preventable; come learn how to make our communities safer.

Training is a requirement for most volunteer duties and all new AWARE employees. Participants will receive an overview of AWARE’s intervention and prevention services. We will explore the necessity of community coordination and trauma-informed services to end violence. Email Janna Auger at for more information

AWARE’s Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault  Advocacy Training begins Monday, October 2, 2023. Deepen your understanding of domestic violence & sexual assault and your capacity to support survivors. Learn the many ways you can be part of the solution.


October 2nd

Educational Training and Overview of Domestic Violence


October 4th

Educational Training and Overview of Sexual Assault


October 7th

Men’s batterer intervention: JCAP, suicide response, domestic violence & sexual assault advocacy (lethality assessment, safety planning, community resources, identifying options, goal planning)


October 8th

Impacts of violence on children, mandatory reporting, legal advocacy, sexual assault & strangulation advocacy


October 9th

Historical trauma, prevention & equity, substance abuse & mental health


October 11th

Overview of AWARE programs, self-care, and final reflections