Every year, AWARE hosts the Women of Distinction Gala & Silent Auction to:

Celebrate women of distinction in our community;

Recognize women whose work (paid and/or volunteer) has benefited the lives of women and children in Juneau;

Honor unsung heroes of the community, as well as those with publicly recognized achievement;

Support and encourage community members and groups to recognize women of distinction within their organizations; and

Raise funds to support AWARE’s work with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

For additional information regarding Women of Distinction,     contact Mandi at wod@awareak.org or at 907-586-6623.

**AWARE’s 2021 Women of Distinction Gala has been postponed until 2022, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please stay tuned for updates as we move closer to next year!  Thank you for your patience**


Congratulations to our 2020 honorees!

From left to right: Donnie Gott, Lily Hope, Hazel LeCount, and Tari Stage-Harvey!

These are the criteria we use to select the honorees who are nominated by the community:

Demonstrated Commitment: Candidate has demonstrated a commitment to improving the quality of life for women and children in Juneau.

Integrity, Dedication, Motivation: Candidate has demonstrated qualities of integrity, dedication, motivation and leadership in the community.

Willingness to Share Skills & Knowledge: Candidate has demonstrated the willingness to share her skills and knowledge.

Role Model: Candidate has demonstrated qualities of a role model.

Supports Diversity: Candidate’s work has represented and/or supported diverse groups within our community.

Archives: See all of AWARE’s past Honorees from Women of Distinction!

2020: Donnie Gott, Lily Hope, Hazel LeCount, and Tari Stage-Harvey

2019: Francine Eddy Jones, Susan Macaulay, Jorden Nigro, and Janine Reep

2018: June Degnan, Kolene Jame, DaxKilatch, Kueni Ma’ake, and Lauree Morton

2017: Andrea Cesar, Sioux Douglas, Kris Sell, and Rena Sims

2016: Marie Darlin, Justine Muench, Missouri Smyth, and Kristi West

2015: Laraine Derr, Ernestine Hayes, Betty Kaplor, and Shari Paul

2014: Carol Pitts, Elaine Schroeder, Norene Otnes, and Patty Owen

2013: Mary Ellen Arvold, Jackie Martin, Colleen McKenzie and Kathy Kolkhorst Ruddy

2012: Amy Dressel, Sharron Lobaugh, Joan O’Keefe and Megan Gregory

2011: Debi Ballam, Susan Cox, Selina Everson and Diana Stevens

2010: Chris Ashenbrenner, carolyn Brown, Bev Ingram and Helen Sarabia

2009: Marla Berg, Ann Boochever, Marsha Buck and Angie Lunda

2008: Helen Abbott-Watkins, Alberta Aspen, Susan Baxter and Betsy Brenneman

2007: Joyanne Bloom, Doloresa Cadiente, Ann Lockhart and Connie Munro

2006: Nora Marks Dauenhauer, Lynnette Dihle, Sally Rue and Tamara Simone Collins

2005: Joy Lyon, Kimberly L. Metcalfe, Jeri Museth and Laura Stats

2004: Beth Belflower, Mildred Boesser, Laury Scandling, Vicki Soboleff

2003: Merry Ellefson, Ethel Lund, Margaret Pugh, Tish Griffin Satre

2002: Robin Gilcrist, Tony Mallot, Fran Ulmer

2001: Glenda Carino, Mo Longworth, Stella Martin, Diane Sly

2000: Diane Lindback, Marie Olsen, Nancy Seamount, Constance Trollan

1999: Linda O. Augustine, Sara Boesser, Kay Greenough, Carla Timpone, Kelly Mangano

1998: Shirley Dean, Kaye Kanne, Myra Munson, Dorothy Thornton

1997: Justine Emerson, Caren Robinson, Linda Torgerson, Freda Westman