Support Groups

AWARE has a variety of Education and Support groups for women and children. For each of our groups:

  • All services are free of charge and confidential.
  • Unless otherwise noted, women and children from the community are welcome to attend.
  • Childcare is provided. Please call ahead to 58 6-6623 if you are bringing children.
  • Transportation to and from the group may be available. Please call ahead to 586-6623 if you need transportation.

Please call us for an updated AWARE Group Listing at 586-6623. 



Healthy Relationships Class for Women

  • AWARE advocates periodically facilitate a 10-week healthy relationships class for women. The goals for this class are to:
  • Explore and examine the elements of a healthy relationship.
  • Develop techniques for boundary setting, assertiveness, realistic goal setting, and decision making.
  • Increase understanding of abuse, abusive family dynamics, dysfunctional family patterns, feelings, with an emphasis on anger, fear/anxiety, guilt/grief.
  • Receive support and encouragement while growing in self-knowledge and self-esteem, and in changing negative lifelong patterns.

**The next Healthy Relationships Class will start September 26, 2017.  Please contact Mandi Canady at if you are interested in registering or have questions.  You can also click the link above for more information!**

dove-retouch85x70For More Information Please Call (907) 586-6623.